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Hello. I was born in Laos and grew up in France. One and a half year ago, I left everything behind to move to Vietnam. Some people left everything because they were lost in their own life. I left everything because I needed to know where I come from (personal origins) and needed an international experience (professional). It was a big jump. Start everything from scratch; learn Vietnamese and English; try to understand Vietnamese culture & behavior. It was really challenging and difficult at the beginning. Now, my suitcase is full of inspiration.

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Mercedes-Benz  (A-Class launching)
New A-Class (A-Volution campaign)  /   Microsite  /   Agency: Edge-asia  (Vietnam).
Cù Ngọc Qúy  (Vietnam's Next Top Model)
Photo shooting in the Imperial City (Hué, Vietnam).
Canon  (Digital campaign)
Canon (EOS)  /   Digital campaign  /   Agency: Mekong communications  (Vietnam). Design: Creative team.
Manali  (Key visual)
Manali (luxury hotel)  /   Key visual  /   Agency: Félix Creation  (France).
Sapporo  (Digital campaign)
Sapporo (Premium beer)  /   Grab the summer (Nắm bắt hè sảng khoái) campaign  /   Agency: Edge-asia  (Vietnam).
Mercedes-Benz  (A-Class launching)
New A-Class (A-Class journey, campaign option2)  /   Microsite  /   Agency: Edge-asia  (Vietnam).
9Life  (Digital campaign)
9Life (#1 Nightlife Community)  /  Digital campaign + Website creation (  /   Agency: Edge-asia  (Vietnam).
We care for her  (Photo shooting)
We care for her  (Campaign against breast cancer)  /  Photo shooting  /  Agency: TBWA  (Vietnam)  /  Client: Roche.
Acer  (Digital campaign)
Acer "Touch to connect" (Chạm để kết nối) campaign  /   Agency: Mekong communications  (Vietnam). Design: Creative team.
Trà My  (Vietnam's Next Top Model)
Photo shooting at "Le Domaine De Cocodo" (Hué, Vietnam).
Kanari  (Software design)
Kanari  /  Software design  /   Company: Kanari World  (France).
Dulux  (Responsive design)
Dulux  / webdesign  /   Agency: Mekong communications  (Vietnam). Design: Creative team.
MIFA  (International Animation Film Market)
Mifa (Marché International du Film d'Animation)  /   Key visual  /   Agency: Félix Creation  (France).
Alain Souchon  (Official website)
Alain Souchon (French singer, Emi Music)  /  Sketch ideas for the official website /   Agency: Diplomatic Cover  (Publicis Groupe, France). Design: Michel Bianco.
Sử tử trắng  (Photo shooting)
Sử tử trắng (viral clip "Bia Thơm")  /   Behind the scene photo shooting  /   Agency: Mekong communications /  Actors: Thái Hòa & Dien Long.
Courchevel  (Key visual)
Courchevel (luxury winter resort)  /   Key visual creation /   Freelance job  (France).
Sketch ideas. (please!)
Pizza Hut  (Social media)
Pizza Hut  /  Facebook post  /   Agency: Mekong communications  (Vietnam).
Courchevel  (Digital press kit)
Courchevel (luxury winter resort)  /   Digital press kit  /   Freelance job  (France).